Protect Your Home with Ajax Wireless Alarms

Stay ahead of potential risks with Ajax’s state-of-the-art wireless alarm systems, designed to protect your business. These devices offer comprehensive protection against robbery, fire, smoke, and flood risks, ensuring peace of mind and the safety of your property and business

FireProtect 2

Smoke and Fire Detection

Hub 2 2G Jeweller

Robbery Alerts

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LeaksProtect Flood Sensor

Smoke and Fire Detection

Smoke and Fire Detection

Ensure your business is protected against fire hazards with advanced smoke sensors. The FireProtect 2 Smoke & Heat Sensor detects smoke, heat, and dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, providing real-time alerts to keep you and your property safe.

FireProtect 2 Smoke & Heat Sensor

Prevent Robberies

Stay one step ahead of intruders on your property with Hub 2 2G Jeweller. This device offers instant alerts and real-time monitoring, ensuring that any unauthorized entry on your premises is immediately detected and reported.

Hub 2 2G Jeweller

Instant Panic Alerts

Immediately notify emergency responders of gas leak, or fire. With just one click, you can request help and alert your emergency contacts about any sudden incidents, ensuring a rapid response to protect your business and properties.

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Flood Detection

Prevent water damage before it becomes a major issue with our flood sensors. These devices provide real-time alerts to any water leakage, ensuring timely intervention and protection of your business and property.


LeaksProtect Flood Sensor

Why Choose Ajax?

Comprehensive Protection

Covering all major risk factors including motion, fire, smoke, and flood.

No Cables Needed

Eliminate the hassle and unsightly mess of cables with Ajax’s wireless security alarm systems

No big inversion is needed

Receive your system Installed in your property in less than 48h

Check everything from your phone 24/7 available data

Round-the-clock security for your business

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Protect your Property with Ajax Wireless Alarms.

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